Wish this was a nationwide public service announcement

#3) When in doubt, wait: If you can’t allow the bike 3 feet of space, wait to pass until you can — just as you would for any other slow-moving vehicle.

From the Los Angeles Times, How to minimize accidents between autos and bicycles, by Christie Aschwanden. Six simple tips; short and sweet. #2 would have prevented my collision with a car, except that the 87 year-old driver apparently never saw me. I wish this information was more widely understood by drivers. Hmmm….maybe a few questions on state drivers’ tests?!

I would add –
Understand that when the wind is gusting 30mph (or even 10mph) a cyclist may have a hard time holding their line. In other words, a cyclist may be dealing with weather and road conditions that drivers are unaware of….thus the 3 foot MINIMUM.

I thought it was just me …

I feel like I can manage e-mail pretty well, but I don’t have time to check 50 other sites for possible communication. I like the comment about voicemail and e-mail being essential, and all others discretionary; i.e. they may get ignored.

“… there are private messages and comments on social network sites, direct messages and @replies on Twitter. There are blog comments. And RSS feeds. And then there are all of the online communities and bulletin boards and chat spaces that have evolved from those developed in olden days. For me, it’s too much. Too much I tell you. And we haven’t even gotten to voicemail, text messages. Let alone all that’s coming.” – Read it all at apophenia

The line we won’t cross

After the military discharged a gay, Arabic translator from the military, Jon Stewart points out the irony: while some officials in the U.S. say that torture is so important to ensuring our safety that we should disregard the Geneva Convention, openly gay people aren’t allowed to serve in the armed forces.

Link to video.

Also check out the John Oliver clip, Dan Choi is Gay.