Yesterday Republican Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma called attention to himself and his home state when he expressed outrage that some Americans are outraged by the maltreatment of prisoners held at Abu Ghraib. I say there’s not enough outrage, that Americans are generally too quick to forgive abuse committed by U.S. Troops. Thankfully not all Oklahomans agree with their Senator.

More Bush Co. Double Speak

Why is it ok for Bush, Cheney, et al to attack John Kerry’s exemplary military service record, but when their own records are questioned they call foul? Either a candidate’s military service and what it implies about that person’s character is an issue or it’s not. Can’t have it both ways guys. Kerry was willing to leave this issue out of the campaign. If Bush Co. wants to focus on it, “Bring it on.”

In addtion to the Times article below, see Linda Wertheimer’s Essay, Back to Vietnam, Again at NPR’s website.

Drought News

When you step outside into more than 3 feet of snow it is hard to believe there’s a drought. But drought continues and about half of the entire U.S. is affected, including much of the southeast and midwest. This March was the warmest in 110 years of record keeping in the southwest. Even with some areas receiving record precipitation in April, the drought is expected to continue in most of the west at least through July. More at the Drought Information Center.