More Bush Co. Double Speak

Why is it ok for Bush, Cheney, et al to attack John Kerry’s exemplary military service record, but when their own records are questioned they call foul? Either a candidate’s military service and what it implies about that person’s character is an issue or it’s not. Can’t have it both ways guys. Kerry was willing to leave this issue out of the campaign. If Bush Co. wants to focus on it, “Bring it on.”

In addtion to the Times article below, see Linda Wertheimer’s Essay, Back to Vietnam, Again at NPR’s website.

Drought News

When you step outside into more than 3 feet of snow it is hard to believe there’s a drought. But drought continues and about half of the entire U.S. is affected, including much of the southeast and midwest. This March was the warmest in 110 years of record keeping in the southwest. Even with some areas receiving record precipitation in April, the drought is expected to continue in most of the west at least through July. More at the Drought Information Center.

Reclaiming Vocabulary

Let’s start with something basic. Vocabulary. Currently people in favor of preserving the Constitution have been labeled “Liberal” while those who would change the freedoms and protections outlined therein have been called “Conservative.” Hold on there! In 11th grade I was taught that conservative meant you were opposed to change. Yet liberal implies not just change, but progressive change. The far-reaching policy changes advocated by many of those currently claiming the conservative label, are definitely not progressive. They would take us back to the Middle Ages, back to a state without individual rights, back to government controlled by church, back to subjugation of scientifically provable fact to religious belief. There is a word for that. Not conservative, not liberal…but reactionary. I don’t think that is what most citizens of the USA want. But this is a marketing campaign and advertisers know how to usurp words to promote their product. In this case they not only call themselves “conservative,” they call themselves “right.” Let’s be more precise with our vocabulary. John Kerry is conservative. George W. Bush is reactionary.