Most recent arrival

RAAM 2007. Thursday morning.

Rider’s view 5:30AM Thursday.

About 10 minutes ago a skunk walked from behind the tent and across the highway. Uneventful. The skunk was minding its own business. Probably just making its regular morning rounds.

The most recent rider arrivals were Attila Kaldy, Jeff Oatley and Peter Oyler who all came in between 11-11:30 PM local Wednesday night. The last of those riders left the TS a few minutes ago after some rest at the campground behind the TS. All the crews and riders were friendly and seem in good spirits.

The sky is brightening. After more rain yesterday afternoon the day ended with a beautiful, sun-warmed evening. It’s been a crisp and cool night, about 40 F. Probably pefect for riders headed up Cuchara Pass.

Predicted arrivals for TS #19 have been many hours off. The next riders should be here at any time and we expect to see the lead women and the first of the teams sometime after noon.

Rain and RAAM

RAAM 2007. Wednesday morning.

View from TS 19 Wednesday morning.

The rain started last night about 10 minutes after I left my house. By 11:00 PM local time (1:00 AM race time) the TS tent was serving as a roof for a pond with an average depth of about 4 inches. We moved a couple times before the first rider, Jure Robic, came through at 3:00 AM.

The rain has mostly stopped in the last hour. Five riders are past this TS; all in the Men’s Solo division. We don’t expect the next rider until 5 PM.

I am going to friggin’ die.

“Well, of course!” you’re thinking. I mean sooner rather than later, Einstein.

While snow fell outside my window, I was convinced to try Furnace Creek this year. The arm-twisting went down something like this:

“Why don’t you ride the 508 this year?”


Now that I have had more time to think about it, I know that I am going to friggin’ die. Not during the race, though it would be the hardest thing I have ever done. I am going to die just training for this. Sure I rode 200-300 miles a week for a few seasons and raced a little (20 years ago!!), but I never got around to doing a century and my longest single ride was only 90 miles! My longest ride last year?? 28 miles!!! Like I said, I am going to friggin’ die … of saddle sore induced infection if nothing else.

There is always the chance I won’t even get in. I’ll know in May or June, but I have to start training now. At least fear is a good motivator.