Bored with blogs

I am bored with blogs. No, not your funny, informative posts or photos of your latest adventure or your favorite four-legged family member. I love those!!

I am bored with how blogs look. I don’t mind a blog looking like a blog, but I am bored with non-blogs looking like blogs … or worse organizations dumping all their content into a blog CMS.

What’s really different out there? I don’t mean artist/designer/media sites or hosted Flash movies ad nauseam that break normal browser functionality. Are there any sites out there with real content, a clear navigation scheme, and good spider-ability that make you say “Wow!” and more importantly, give you a sense of relief from the visual monotony of the web?

I’ve spent the last two hours searching in the usual places; Webby Awards, cool sites of the day, Best Web Gallery, Adobe Showcase. I am giving up on finding web design nirvana there. Give me some inspiration. What are your favorite sites?

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  1. Cathy,

    I am going to keep checking this post to see the responses you get. Thanks for the links to the “Usual Places”…it’s a start for me.

    Could you elaborate more on what you mean by ‘organizations dumping content into a Blog CMS’? I’m not sure I follow.



  2. Hi Colleen, Hopefully I will get some responses. : ) On the sites-like-blogs: Some organizations use WordPress or another blog app for their entire site, even if their content does not include a blog. It does make for an easy content management system and WordPress has many skins to choose from and can be customized pretty easily. Other sites that aren’t built on a blog backend look like they are. That may be more common because CMS/templating engines like Smarty and CakePHP have become increasingly popular. There are some very nice skin designs. I am just tired of the same header/sidebars layout.

  3. Thanks, Cathy for the explanation…I agree with a desire to look at sites that look and feel different and exciting. I just think that the free Blog sites have offered something that wasn’t available online…the opportunity to publish online without having any website building knowledge. My wish is for tools that offer the ease of posting content offered by say,, but the ability to offer design creativity that would allow so many websites not to look nearly identical. Maybe I am asking for a modular house that doesn’t look like the rest of the neighborhood!?

    Have a great weekend!



  4. You mean like my web site?
    I hate that too… and yet I do it. I want to change my site but I guess I just have to do it. And the images… what can I do to make the images white images work.

    IT was nice seeing you. I like the modular house idea.


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