Bored with blogs

I am bored with blogs. No, not your funny, informative posts or photos of your latest adventure or your favorite four-legged family member. I love those!!

I am bored with how blogs look. I don’t mind a blog looking like a blog, but I am bored with non-blogs looking like blogs … or worse organizations dumping all their content into a blog CMS.

What’s really different out there? I don’t mean artist/designer/media sites or hosted Flash movies ad nauseam that break normal browser functionality. Are there any sites out there with real content, a clear navigation scheme, and good spider-ability that make you say “Wow!” and more importantly, give you a sense of relief from the visual monotony of the web?

I’ve spent the last two hours searching in the usual places; Webby Awards, cool sites of the day, Best Web Gallery, Adobe Showcase. I am giving up on finding web design nirvana there. Give me some inspiration. What are your favorite sites?