First night in Rotterdam

I returned home from my awesome RotterdamLELBrugge adventure a few days ago. Now the travel log posts will start to dribble in.

I arrived in Rotterdam on a Thursday afternoon and wasted no time getting out on my bike. That probably contributed, along with lots of good vegan food, to making Rotterdam my favorite part of the trip. I guess I shouldn’t push NYC off the top of my list of favorite cites after only seven days, but I love Rotterdam!

I roughly followed #3 of the Beleef de Haven (Experience the port) rides.  I was pretty confused when my GPS directed me to the edge of the river, but was happily surprised to find that the worm hole all the cyclists were popping out of led to the Maastunnel. I didn’t take many photos, and none in the tunnel, so you’ll have to go see it for yourself.

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