Gouda, not the cheese

Well maybe the cheese. I didn’t partake, though the Kaas en Ambachten Museum looked like it was open.

After Sunday’s SUP session I took off for a 45 mile ride. It’s true, I really felt like going back to the apartment and having a beer, but there were only so many days to ride. My goal was Gouda, and Sunday afternoon was a lovely time to visit.

[Update 25 Aug 2013: Added photos from the GoPro. You can see all 7,000+ photos in 11.5 minutes on Vimeo. There’s also a 8.5 minute video of Rotterdam on Sunday morning.]

Today’s tip, and this one expires soon: download the 3voor12 app and listen to Eefje de Visser‘s new album “Het Is”. Or listen via your web browser at 3voor12. Zij komt uit Gouda, so it’s appropriate she’s featured on this post.

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