Dordrecht – Waterbus – Ferry

Dordrecht was one of my favorite rides of the trip. Funny thing too, because it was the only time in Rotterdam I it rained. Though, I’m sure no one from the Netherlands … or Portland … or Vermont would have called it rain. I biked to Dordrecht, then took the waterbus to Alblasserdam. I was shocked how fast the waterbus was once it got up to speed. I then biked to Kinderdijk and took the ferry across the river to Krimpen aan de Lek. A bargain at 75 cents, though I don’t know if I’d think it so cheap if I did it frequently. It’s a very short ride. Still far preferable to swimming. From there a bike ride back to Rotterdam. A great day on the water and bike paths around Rotterdam!

Learning Dutch? Have an iOS device? Here’s my tip for the day Radio 1 app. Available even in the US App Store!

Stop action video of ride, 6:30.

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